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Property and Land cases

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Consumer Court

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Professional And Experienced Family Law Attorney

Who is a lawyer?

A lawyer is someone who studies law and has a license to practice law. A lawyer protects his client’s interest and rights while upholding the law. 


He is a client’s representative in various matters in the eye of the court. A lawyer is also the representative of the law system to ordinary people. He is the protector on both the legal system and public interests.


The legal system of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan also called the Law of Pakistan is based on the legal system of British India held by the pre-partition subcontinent. However, it was during the rule of General Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq, when he amended the law and included the Islamic Sharia Laws within the Law of Pakistan. 


The Federal Shariat Court provides the base of the incorporation of Islamic Laws in the Law of Pakistan.


In Pakistan, every province has its bar council. The lawyers that are recognized by these councils are allowed to practice law in their selected category. 


The Pakistan bar council under the constitution on 1973, is the head council of provincial bar councils. It is responsible for maintaining a check and balance among provincial councils and ensure that the Law of Pakistan stays upheld all the time. 

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Why you need a lawyer?

It is a common conception within Pakistan that a lawyer works only during court trials. But in reality, a lawyer’s activities exceed above the necessary court trials. There are different categories in which lawyers provide legal services. These categories include day to day activities, as well. Some of the crucial areas that require services of lawyers are:

These types of lawyers perform a number of activities from specific cases to our day to day problems and their legal solutions.

Apart from dealing with court trials, a lawyer is responsible for;

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Child Custody, Adoption And Surrogacy
Marriage, Civil Unions & Divorce
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The need for an online lawyer

In Pakistan, 40% of the total population is illiterate and most of them belong to rural areas. This means they can neither read nor write. They have no awareness regarding their legal rights. 

They lack the basic knowledge of the system and the laws. If they come across any situation that requires a lawyer, they are entirely at a loss. They have to visit the nearest city and find a reliable lawyer to help them.

 Most of these people are poor as well. Almost 24% of the population is below the national poverty line. Most of these people are laborers.  Because of poverty, these people fail to get their legal rights. 

The high fee of competent lawyers, the frequent visits to their offices becomes unaffordable for them. As a result, they are excluded from the realm of their legal rights.

Besides having a 58% literacy rate, less than 10% of the literate population understands the complete stance of Law of Pakistan. 

The remaining population relies on the advice they seek through word of mouth or from lawyers. Therefore, for a layperson, getting involved in a legal matter requires assistance. 

The hassle and bustle of life make it difficult for a common man to find a reliable lawyer to answer his queries. 

Moreover, the fee structure of lawyer makes it difficult for a common man to approach him. All these constraints add up to creating more problems for a common man then solutions. 

These constraints discourage him from fighting for his legal right and as a result, pollute the legal system of Pakistan.


In the wake of the current situation created by the COVID, everything has come to a halt. Because of the nature of threat COVID imposes on humans, everything has been shifted to the internet. The technology of the internet has been nothing less than a blessing. Bringing everything on an online platform has not only made life easier but has also assisted in a number of matters.

Keeping in mind these issues, eJustice has established an online service portal for those who require legal assistance in various matters. We aim to provide high-quality services in several categories. Our services will not only create awareness among people, but it will also create ease in reaching out our team of online lawyers.

Professional And Experienced Family Law Attorney

Our team of online lawyers and services

The purpose of this service is to encourage people to reach out to us with their legal issues and queries. Although there are many notable lawyers in Pakistan, our team is also a blend of professional, enthusiastic and experienced lawyers who are expert in their departments.

Through this online portal, you can carry out a series of legal activities with the assistance of our online lawyers. You can inquire about any legal issue from our lawyer online. We offer the following services.

  • You can ask a lawyer online in Pakistan anything regarding any law. Whether it is 
  • about business, our fundamental rights, divorce, an ongoing case or an FIR. Our team is available 24/7 to provide sincere assistance.
  • We offer services to Online Nikkah
  • You can file a divorce Online through our portal
  • You can submit an Online Khulla case through our portal
  • You can submit a lawsuit for Child Custody through our online portal
  • We deal with all sort of Property and land cases, new or old. Our expert lawyers will not only analyze the case but will provide future assistance as well.
  • Our team of experienced Corporate Lawyers will deal with your corporate issues online
  • Our team of lawyers provide services related to Consumer court as well.
  • We not only offer assistance and advise on inheritance and succession issues but we also offer Inheritance and succession certificates online
  • We also deal with cases related to medical negligence of any kind
  • Our expert online lawyers will assist you regarding Labor rights
  • Our experienced team also deals with Criminal matters meticulously
  • We offer preparation services on different types of Contracts and documentations
  • We provide services of documenting various types of cases, certificates and other legal documents for your business, and personal use
  • Our team also provides assistance in FIR and police-related matters
  • If you have a closed case that you want to review again, our team is available. Through our online portal, you can submit a case for review.  
  • We also offer Online legal services International

Now, you don’t have to make repeated tours to a lawyer’s office or court. Reach out to us, ask a lawyer online, and our team will provide fast and reliable solution to your queries.

Our expert team is available round the clock and is very responsive in catering to your needs. You can either contact us online or through a phone call and get free assistance. We also analyze old and ongoing cases. Our analysis is in-depth and detailed with regard to the Law of Pakistan. The review for your first case is free. And you can avail the opportunity anytime.


Our mission is to take advantage of modern technology to facilitate the common people. Whether you belong to Baluchistan, or Sindh, Punjab or KPK, rich or poor, we offer over services without the limitations of cities and provinces. The Law of Pakistan is universal for every Pakistani, and so is our service.