Online Nikah

Online Nikah in Pakistan

Nikah is the Islamic marriage contract between a bride and groom. It is made verbally and in writing through mutual consent of both bride and groom. The Nikah contract is vital in Islam and outlines the responsibilities and rights of both the bride and groom. Although Nikah’s ceremony takes place in the physical presence of both the bride and groom, some circumstances can lead to Nikah’s online presence.

Online Nikah in Pakistan

Online Nikah may also be referred to as proxy marriage. It takes place when either the bride or groom is not physically present at the same time and the same place. The Nikah takes place either through online video call or at sometimes, or in some cases, through a phone call. The ceremony at both sides occurs in the presence of the marriage registrar, also known as the Nikah Khawan.

It is a unique opportunity that exists in both the Shariah and Marriage Law in Pakistan. It is mostly fit for overseas Pakistanis living abroad that, for some reason, cannot physically participate in their marriage.

Shariah Requirements of Nikah

Since Nikah is an Islamic Marriage contract, it is performed after fulfilling the following requirements of Shariah:

Documents required for online Nikah

To enter into the Marriage contract online, you need the following documents:

The procedure of online Nikah

You can ask a lawyer online to follow on the procedure of online nikah. The process is as follows:

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