Company Registration

To register a company under the Law of Pakistan, you need to go through the following steps:

Availability of Company’s Name

The first step for registration of a new company is seeking a name that is available and does not collide with any other already existing Company. The availability of the proposed name is checked from the registrar.

To get the availability certificate, you need to:

Documents Required for Limited Company Registration

For the registration of a private limited company, the following documents are necessary to be submitted to the registrar responsible for the registration process:

Additional Requirements for registration of a Public Company

Apart from the requirements for registration of a private limited company, as mentioned above, the public Company’s registration requires the following documents:

Additional Requirements for a Company to provide Security Services

In the event of a company planning to give the security services, the following documents are required:

Documents Mandatory for the Integration of a Single Member Company (SMC)

Single Member Company (SMC) may be formed by any person and is needed to file with the registrar when incorporated. He is also required to nominate a minimum of two nominees. One as director and other as an alternate director of the Company in the case of his death. This nomination is included in Form S1. SMC should be applied in all the requirements for the incorporation of a Private Limited Company.

Credential of Integration and Certified Copies of the Memorandum & Articles of Association

For obtaining the certificates as mentioned above and credentials, the following documents are required:

Required Documents for Incorporating a non-profit based Association

Procedure for a Company to become SMC

For becoming SMC, a Private Company having two or more members, it needs to follow the following steps:

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