Consumer Court

Consumer law regulates the relationship between consumers and the sellers of the products and services consumers use. To protect the rights of the consumer, the Federal and Provincial governments have introduced the consumer Laws under the following Acts:

The federal and provincial governments have also laid the foundation of the district consumer courts whose responsibility is to protect the rights and to create awareness regarding their rights.

Scope of Consumer Law

The consumer law offers scope in the following areas:

When to apply in consumer court

A consumer can apply in the consumer court if:

How to apply

To make a petition about a product or service in the consumer court, you need a written document mentioning the following information:

Complaint through DCO

A consumer can also contact District consumer protection councils regarding any claim against a good or service. All District Co-ordination officers (DCO’s) have been given authority to listen to the complaints and respond respectively. Although, if a consumer wants compensation, he/she should file a petition in the Consumer Court.

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