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In Pakistan, corporate lawyers hold great importance as they provide assistance regarding different corporate matters. The corporate law of Pakistan provides safety of rights which a common business man is unaware of. For this reason, a corporate lawyer not only provides legal assistance in corporate matters but also help in protecting their legal rights.

Company registration

You can register a company under the Companies Ordinance, 1984.

Sole proprietorship

Sole Proprietorship is one-man business organization. It is an entity that is owned and managed fully by a single person known as the sole proprietor. The man and the business are the same and do not have separate legal entity.

It is the simplest form of business, and registration is not mandatory.

Documents Required for Registration

For registration of a sole proprietorship, the following documents are required:

please note that in case of a sole proprietorship, no official certificate is issued by any authority. An NTN certificate is received with name & details of the sole proprietorship.


Under the Partnership Act, 1932, Partnership is defined as “the relation between persons who have agreed to share the profits of a business carried on by all or any of them acting for all.”

Two or more people who agree to share profit received through a business can form a partnership. The business is carried out either by both partners or by any single one. The Partnership Act 1932 deals with the following affairs of partnership firms:

In a partnership, every partner has to contribute something to the business, whether money, an idea, property, or some combination of these.

Types of Partnership or Joint Venture

There are three types of Partnership. Decision of the type of business that partners adopt depend on the profit share, Management rights, and personal liability of every partner. The three types of partnership are:

General Partnership

In a general partnership, two or more owners carry out the business on equal share and have equal responsibilities. Each partner is fully responsible for all the debts and obligations business incur.

Limited Partnership

In limited partnership, although all partners gain benefit/profit from the business but at lease one partner has a status of general partnership. He has full liability for the obligations and debts of the business and has complete control over the business and managements decisions. Whereas the other partner has a limited liability and is often known as a sleeping partner. He also doesn’t have control over business and management decision.

Limited Liability Partnership

In limited liability partnership, not all partners are responsible for the debts, wrongful acts or obligations of one partner. Thus, a partner can not loose more than his/her investment if the business goes in loss.

Registration of partnership

For the registration of partnership, the partners of the firm can apply by submitting the following documents before the Registrar under the Partnership Act 1932.

Documents required for registration

The following Documents are required for the registration of Partnership Firm:


The submitted documents are examined by the Concerned registrar and if he finds the documents complete, he records the company’s entry and issues a registration certificate.

If the registrar is not satisfied by the documents and find a discrepancy, he issues a notice against it.

Non-registered partnership

The effect and consequence of Non-registered partnership is explained in detail in the Section 69 of the Partnership Act, 1932. Non-registered partnership rejects various rights under the Partnership Act, 1932.

Partnership Deed

A partnership deed is a crucial document that holds details of the nature of the business, number of partners, the rights and responsibilities of each partner and the terms and conditions for the operation of the business.

Important details that are mentioned in the Partnership Deed are as follows:

National Tax Number

Federal Board of Revenue is a semi-autonomous Agency of Pakistan that is responsible for revenue collection and imposing fiscal laws for the Government of Pakistan.

The FBR is responsible for providing National Tax Number or NTN which is the identity card of a business. It is also desired for business and corporate executives. In Pakistan, every taxpayer must have an NTN number.

Whether the company is operational or not, it is obligatory to file tax return on annual income tax.

Registration of a Firm with FBR

The following documents are mandatory for registration of Company in Federal Board of Revenue:

Registration of Firm with SBR

The Board of Revenue of Sindh, Pakistan is in charge of collecting tax revenue for the Sindh Government. The Board of Revenue has the authority to control all matters associated to the collection and administration of Revenue including partnership business taxes.

The following documents are required for registration of Company in Sindh Board of Revenue:

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Sole proprietorship

Sole Proprietorship is one-man business organization. It is an entity that is owned and managed fully by a single person known as the sole proprietor. The man and the business are the same and do not have separate legal entity.

It is the simplest form of business and does not require registration.