Immigration Law

Immigration Law

Immigration is the movement of people internationally to a specific country of which they are not native, but they decide to obtain citizenship by permanently settling down.

In Pakistan, the laws that govern the Procedures and policies of immigration are:

  • Pakistan Citizenship Act of 1951. (PCA 1951)
  • Pakistan citizenship Rules 1952. (PCR 1952
  • Naturalization Act of 1926. (NA 1926)

Citizenship of Pakistan

Under the Pakistan Citizenship Act, 1951, the nationality of Pakistan is divided into three categories:

  • Citizen by Birth
  • Citizen by migration
  • Citizen by decedent


Grant of Citizenship

A person can apply for citizenship of Pakistan under the following categories:

  • Foreign Ladies Married to Pakistani Nationals
  • Commonwealth Citizens who Transfer Rs.5/- Million worth of Foreign Exchange
  • Persons holding Naturalization Certificate issued under the Naturalization Act, 1926 (Sec. 9 of Pakistan Citizenship Act, 1951)
  • Minor Children (under the age of 21 years)


The procedure of applying for Citizenship of Pakistan

To apply for citizenship of Pakistan, you have to follow the following steps:

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