Inheritance and Succession Certificate

Inheritance and Succession Certificate

An inheritance and succession certificate proves the authenticity of a successor. When a person dies without leaving a will behind regarding the ownership and distribution of his moveable property, his successors can apply for a succession certificate as a legal heir(s) to the property.

What is a succession certificate?

A succession certificate is a legal certificate issued by the Civil Court of Pakistan. The document is of significant importance for the legal heirs of a deceased person as it transfers the moveable property like cash, jewelry, car, bank deposits, bonds, stocks, insurance, etc. in the name of deceased legal heir(s).


Succession act and its duration

The succession certificate issuance and related issues come under the Succession Act of 1925. It is applicable throughout Pakistan. The Law of Succession 1925 governs all procedures related to the succession of the deceased property.

Under normal circumstances, a succession certificate takes up to 2 months. However, in cases where opposition from a third party is involved, the situation may get complicated and take up to 3 months.

Requirements for getting a succession certificate

In case the heir is a minor, a Guardian Certificate issued by the Court is required. The certificate gives the guardian right to make a clam in place of the minor.

Applying for a succession certificate

In the case of more than one heir, the succession certificate can be applied in two ways.

Individual Application

In individual applications, all legal heirs apply for the succession certificate individually, and the Court offers individual certification in the name of each legal heir.

Joint Application

In a joint application, all legal heirs apply for the succession certificate. During the court proceedings, all legal heirs record their statement in favor of the issuance of a succession certificate in the name of a single legal heir as their representative. Thus, the Court issues the certificate in the name of that legal heir, and the other heirs then distribute the property among themselves without their mutual consent.

Cancellation of succession certificate

Issuance of the succession certificate can also be revoked under the following conditions.

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