Dower Rights: In Islam, you Need to Know

Dower rights come under English Common Law of the 1800s to protect the wife’s rights when her husband dies. As per law, it entitled the wife to one-third of her husband’s property upon his death. However, Dower Rights are changed a lot as the world moved on. Now only a few states of the USA follow it.

Purpose of Dower Rights

The primary purpose of the Dower Rights was to give protection to a deceased’s wife’s rights so that she could bear her living expenses. Firstly it was to protect the widow’s rights, but later, its scope was increased to protect the rights of all spouses.

Dower Rights in Islam

In Islam, we translate Dower as Mehr, and the husband pays it to his wife at the time of marriage. It can be deferred to some future date that both parties agree upon. However, if unpaid, it will invalidate the marriage contract. Mehr ensures the financial and economic stability of the wife as her married life begins.

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Afterward, when the husband dies, the wife gets the eighth part of her deceased husband’s property if the husband has not left any will. This way, Islam has offered a great way to protect women’s rights in their married life and after the marriage ends in case of a spouse’s death. Need More information about the Islamic Marriage Requirements

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