What is Dower? [Mehr] Parts and Types of Mehr in Islam

The Dower or Mehr is a gift from the groom to the bride at the time of marriage or it is deferred to some future date. Mehr is also among the Islamic Marriage Requirements without which an Islamic Marriage Contract cannot be fulfilled.

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Parts of Mehr

There are the following two types of Haq-e-Mehr or we can say that it has two parts.


Mehr Muqad’dam is a type of Mehr that the groom has to pay to the bride immediately after the marriage ceremony.


Mehr Mu’akhar is deferred and promised part of Dower that the groom will pay to the bride in the future at the agreed date by both spouses. If the husband dies, the Mehr Mu’akhar is to be paid from the husband’s wealth as it is necessary to pay.

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Types of Mehr

Mehr can be in any type, tangible or non-tangible, it can be gold, silver, property, cash, home appliances, clothes, etc.

Possession of Mehr

Whatever type of Mehr wife receives, it remains in the possession of the wife and no one has the right to take it from her. If she does some investment from the amount of Mehr and receives profit on it, it will also be her property.

In case of divorce before rukhsati, she will get half of the Mehr. If no amount of Mehr is fixed, the wife can ask for her Mehr.

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  1. Assalamualaikum.. If husband and his family has given the mooh dekhai as gold set which is a gift.. and later consider that it was your mehr.. can it be considered a mehr.. is it necessary to say at the time of giving that it is your mehr..
    Kindly reply..

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