What is the Difference Between Nikah and Shaadi?

What is Nikah?

Nikah is an Islamic marriage contract between a Bride and a Groom. It involves mutual consent of both, either done verbally, in writing, or both. However, Nikah’s contract in writing is essential for marriage registration according to Muslim Family Law Ordinance 1961.

What is Shaadi?

Shaadi is an event to celebrate the Islamic marriage contract, Nikah. The Rukhsati of Bride to the Groom’s home is done at this event. After this event, Rukhsati, the Bride, and Groom can commence their marital relationship.

Can Nikah Happen Before Shadi?

It is a common practice to do Nikah long before Shadi. Sharia does not prohibit such practice. The duration between Nikah and Shaadi may vary in each case. It can be one day or 2 to 3 years as per the mutual consent of the Bride and Groom’s families.

Usually, people prefer making marriage contracts and delaying weddings if any spouse wants to complete their studies, be stable financially, or have other reasons.

Difference Between Nikah and Shaadi

A Nikah is a legal contract of marriage. It can happen online or in the presence of both the Bride and the Groom. Although they both are legally wed after Nikah, they can still not commence their marriage. To commence their marriage, Shaadi is necessary.

At the event of Shaadi, the Groom comes to the Bride’s place to take her home. All close relatives and friends of both Bride and Groom are invited to this event of Shaadi. However, Nikah can be done among a few people.

In short, Shaadi declares to everyone that this couple is married and can commence their marital life.

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