Divorce Procedure in Pakistan

Divorce Procedure in Pakistan

Muslim Family Law Ordinance 1961 states that a man who wants to divorce his wife should notify the Chairman in writing as soon as he has pronounced Talaq in any form and send a copy to the wife. Following are the details about the divorce procedure in Pakistan.

Preparation of Divorce Deed

The husband is bound to prepare and send the divorce notice. For this purpose, he prepares the document in the first phase. In the divorce notice, the husband must mention the valid address of his ex-wife.

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Send Divorce Notice to Arbitration Court/Union Council

After the husband has prepared the divorce notice, he sends its original copy to the concerned Union Council or any other government officials in charge.

Send Divorce Notice to Ex-Wife

After Union Council receives the divorce notice, it sends a copy to the ex-wife at the mentioned address.

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The Court Calls Husband and Wife

After the ex-wife receives the divorce notice, the court calls both the husband and the wife within 30 days after the divorce notice is served. They are asked to think once more before moving apart. It does everything necessary to make both parties agree to do reconciliation.

Issuance of Divorce Certificate

In case of no reconciliation, the Union Council or any other government office in charge issues Divorce Certificate 90 days after the divorce notice is served. The divorce certificate makes the divorce effective for both the husband and wife. How To Do Nikah By Yourself?

NADRA’s Divorce Certificate

After the issuance of the divorce certificate, both the husband and wife can apply for the computerized divorce certificate to NADRA. It is also done through the same union council.

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