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How To Do Nikah By Yourself? Complete Guide by Ejustice

Doing Nikah yourself is possible if you follow certain steps. If you do Nikah yourself and do not take care of the Islamic requirements to make Nikah valid, it will invalidate Nikah. Here we will guide you about how to do Nikah by yourself in detail.

Conditions to Do A Valid Nikah By Yourself

Following are the conditions that you must take care of while doing Nikah by yourself.

Bride and Groom are Valid for Nikah

It is a must to ensure that the bride and the groom are valid to enter into Nikah.

  • If a Muslim man marries a non-Muslim woman, then Christian or Jewish women can be acceptable for Nikah if she does not worship anyone other than God. In case, she worships any idol or follows polytheism, it is Shirk and she cannot enter into Nikah with a Muslim man.
  • If a Muslim woman wants to marry a non-Muslim man then the only condition is that he willingly converts to Islam.
  • The Muslim woman bride-to-be should not be involved in any immoral activity in her life that can question the marriage’s validity.

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Parental Blessings

It is a must to get the blessings of the parents of both bride and groom, and their extended family members and relatives as well. Without the blessings of parents, the marriage will not be confirmed to be a Nikah.

Blessings of Imam

It is important to take the blessings of Imam or any Muslim Scholar or Judge, but it cannot surpass the importance of taking blessings from parents. If the blessings of only Imam are involved, without parents, it means the Nikah is done in secret and it will invalidate the Nikah.

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Representation of Bride

The legal guardian of the bride or any other nominated representative of the bride should be present during Nikah. If there is no representation from the bride’s side, the Nikah cannot take place. However, the groom does not need a representative if he is a sound mind.

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Two sound mind adult male witnesses are required to make the Nikah valid. If there are two sound mind adult Muslim women present as witnesses, still a sound mind adult Muslim male is required to validate the Nikah.


It is a gift that the groom gives to the bride at the time of Nikah. Meher can be jewelry or any other valuable gift. It must be an amount that both parties agree on. Do you need a Best Family Lawyer in Pakistan

Marriage Officials

The marriage officials can vary in different cases. It can be the Imam himself or any other State Appointed Muslim Judge, Qazi, qualified Muslim scholar, or Moulvi.

If you follow all the requirements above, you can do Nikah by yourself.

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