Actual Divorce Rate in Pakistan

The Actually Divorce Rate in Pakistan

A survey by Gallup & Gilani Pakistan in 2019 claimed that the divorce rate in Pakistan is rising and has reached an all-time high. That was the most recent study concerning the divorce rate in Pakistan and the reasons behind it. 

The Survey further states that 58% of Pakistanis believe that the divorce rate in Pakistan is increased. It further stated the reasons for this rise in the divorce rate among Pakistani couples.

Reasons for Rising Divorce Rate in Survey

  • According to Survey, 2 out of each 5 Pakistanis make inlaws responsible for the couple to end in
  • The joint family system is also blamed for divorce cases because couples face privacy Which means people believe couples can live happily without the inlaws’ impact on their lives.
  • Domestic violence was also to blame for the rise in the number of divorce cases there is a significant rise in such cases from rural areas due to increased awareness.

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Other factors

  • The financial distress of COVID-19 also caused an increase in the number of divorces The coronavirus also limited the physical freedom of people, caused depression and anxiety, and further complicated matters among couples.
  • Forced marriages also lead to divorces in most cases. Also, the impact of COVID-19 has further enhanced the chances for such marriages to end

What is the Divorce Rate in Pakistan?

Gallup & Gilani Pakistan Survey in 2019 regarding the divorce rate in Pakistan claims that the rate is increasing and was at its peak when the study was conducted. However, there are no proven statistics to verify that claim. There is no record of how many divorce cases are filed out of the total marriages in the whole country in a year or any other specific period.

Also, the study by Gallup & Gilani Pakistan Survey in 2019 was based on respondents’ opinions only, further limiting the Survey’s validity. Besides, after that Survey, a long time has passed, so we can’t rely on its findings.

As a result, we can’t determine the exact divorce rate in Pakistan as there are no accurate statistics. Also, we can’t claim if it is rising or not.

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